Friday, November 21, 2008

For Your Viewing Pleasure

It's been quite a while since we offered you any new pictures or video of the children. How could we be so remiss? Hey, as I promised you with my first blog: we weren't making any promises here!

But if it's new pix and vid that you want, here endeth the quest:

Grace enjoys our recent family pasttime, playing Yahtzee! When someone rolls a Yahtzee! she will stand on her chair with arms outstretched over her head and cry out, "Yah-hee!" In this video she's just keeping score for her mother.

Grace and her cousin Nathan at our front door, apparently awaiting some long-anticipated guest, but mostly interested in seeing how far they can open the front door without getting caught!

Grace "groans," bringing joy and laughter.

And then a variety of pictures, including Hallowe'en:


Kim Lahaie Day said...

Hi Pete and Tarren:

First of all, Grace is an intense game player, I look forward to taking her on in Scrabble some day! Secondly, with the door video, all I could imagine was Grace's fingers getting pinched every time the door shut again. Ouch! Love to see the videos of the great fun of growing up Prange!

Love and hugs,

"I thank my God everytime I remember you"

Anonymous said...

Hi Pete and Tarren,
Watching little Grace 'groaning' made me laugh, and remember Hanna's growling in church.

Love the pictures of both Lucas and Grace, and there's no doubt who those children belong to! :)

Have a happy, blessed Thanksgiving... or as Kim says, ThanksLiving!

Love and prayers,

Suzanne C.

Marcel said...

Delightful videos, they are as good as being there.

I checked to see if the pirate always had his patch on the same eye. Yep, except when it ws in the middle.

patb said...

Those are all sweetie faces, and to know they are an extension of us. Their costumes are holding some precious little bodies.