Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Yesterday marked a milestone for Lucas. He had his first t-ball practice. We've been telling him for months now that he was going to start playing baseball. He's been a little apprehensive and when probed about it has said, "But I don't know how to catch the ball." We've been telling him that the coaches would be there to teach him how to play. The real reason for his anxiety became apparent when he said, "So you'll watch me on T.V.?" We then realized that he thought he was going to play baseball with the Chicago Cubs (Daddy's favorite team). No wonder he was scared! Talk about performance anxiety! So, he was very happy yesterday to find out that he was playing with other children, most of whom were smaller and less coordinated than he. Lucas did a great job of running the bases, fielding, throwing, and batting. They will start playing mini-games in a couple of weeks. That should be interesting!

On another note...Grace had an endoscopy done on May 30. The biopsies all came back normal with no inflammation. Since then we have felt comfortable with being a little more persistent with feeding her solid foods, since we know she's not in pain. She now eats just about everything except fruit...go figure, a child who prefers broccoli over bananas. We're very happy that she seems to be turning the corner, and we hope we can soon try to get her off the reflux medicine as well.


cheryl said...

We don't blame him for Not wanting to play with the Cubs. Why should he sell himself short when he may have a shot at playing with and outstanding organization like the Cardinals one day.

Marcel said...

Why isn't Daddy teaching him to catch? My recollection is that he was pretty good too.

Peter Prange said...

We play catch and practice batting with him, too. This way he can play with other kids. When Lucas said he couldn't catch the ball, he meant not up to major league standards (or he may have a touch of his Mama's perfectionism). He can certainly catch the ball as well as any 3-year-old I know.

Kim Lahaie Day said...

Hi guys!

I had written a comment to this posting but it must have disappeared so here comes again.....

Congrats on Grace's successful procedure and the good news that follows. I guess now it makes sense to have waited until after the first birthday to have this done.

How exciting for Lucas to be a "team player"! I hope he does well. Does he wonder where the T stand is when the Cubs are at bat?



Kim Lahaie Day said...

I am sooooooooooo hungry for another Prange posting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!