Friday, April 25, 2008

Recent Pictures

The first few pics are from our Atlanta trip... Grace with her Great Grandma Pat.

The weather was perfect for the park.

Grace's first time on a swing. She loved it!

Lucas and cousin Nathan at a bonfire with the next-door neighbors.

The kids hanging out around the house...

Friday, April 11, 2008

We're Back

After a long break, your favorite Morton Grove family is back!

Over the past month much has happened in the Prange family. First was Lent and then Easter (busy times for the working man in the house). The Monday after Easter we left on a 13-hour drive to Atlanta to visit my family. The trip down was pretty rough for Grace as learning to walk and being confined to a car seat don't mix very well. So, we made a lot of stops! Lucas did great on the other hand which made it a little easier for us. Once we arrived, our vacation really began with home-cooked meals and lots of time visiting as the highlights. It was very nice to spend an extended time with the Atlanta family! Pete and I also went to the Georgia Aquarium one day while Grandma Pat watched Lucas for us. At the end of the week Pete and Lucas drove home, leaving Grace and me for a few days more of vacation. It was really nice to have "just the girls." Grace is a lot more outgoing without her brother to act as entertainment. I think Grandma would have kept her! Since I wasn't willing to adopt her out, though, we flew home on Tuesday. The flight home was a lot easier than the drive down (Grace made fast friends with the 17-year-old boy sitting next to us).

It was a nice trip, but it's also nice to be home! We're finally back in the routine, and we've even had a few days of nice weather to enjoy. Lucas is getting some practice helping Dad with the grill, and the outside toys are getting their first use of the year. We're loving it!

Pictures are coming soon!